Can I see my family and friends? Information for Young People | 羞羞影院


We encourage young people to keep in touch with family and friends if it鈥檚 safe for you to do so. This is agreed with your social worker. We will be there to support you with keeping in touch with your family and friends.

At first all visits will have someone from the care team there. If they go well, you may be able to have time with them on your own after a while.

You can speak to your key team if you want to know more about visits.

How Can I see My Family and Friends?

If it鈥檚 safe for you to do so, there are lots of ways you can see or talk to them. They can come and see you at 羞羞影院 鈥 all they need to do is call us on 0141 889 0044 to arrange a time to meet. We鈥檒l make sure the kettle is on, the juice is poured, and the biscuit tin is full!

We ask that friends and family come to visit you after school hours or at weekends. If it鈥檚 not easy for your family to visit you here, we will help you to go and meet them.

Going Out and About

Your family and friends can also meet you for a day or night out with them. Young people often meet up with family and friends at a caf茅, cinema or to do another activity like bowling. Sometimes, young people can go home at the weekends to spend time with their family.